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Where can you have your ceremony?

You may have already chosen where to hold your wedding ceremony and the simple answer is that you can have it anywhere that you love. In London particularly, there are lot of unusual venues from museums and galleries to gardens and boutique hotels or even your own home. 

What areas do I cover?

I tend to cover London and the Home Counties inclusively, but I am very willing and able to travel anywhere in the UK and internationally, subject to standard travel expenses.

How long will your ceremony be?

Your ceremony can really be any length you wish. Most wedding ceremonies are 30 minutes depending on what elements you choose to include (poems, readings, music etc.) Vow renewals tend to be a little shorter, but there are absolutely no rules.  


When and where will we meet?

All you need to do is contact me to arrange an initial meeting. This can take place online or in person - I am happy to travel to meet somewhere convenient for you two. I am generally available evenings and weekends.  If you choose to proceed, we can catch up online, in person, a phone call, WhatsApp, email.


Which elements will I write?

From our meetings / couples questionnaire, I will write your full and personalised ceremony script that tells your story, including any readings and poems ( I can help with this if needed). I can write your vows, but you might choose to write your own, as they are very personal – although again I am also very happy to help if needed.  


Is the ceremony legal?

The celebrant-led ceremony is not legally binding. The legal process takes place at the registry office. This is typically completed prior to the ceremony at your convenience. The wedding ceremony led by me is where the magic happens, at the location of your choice with who and what you want!


Do you do more than one ceremony in a day?

Unlike registrars who can do one ceremony after another in one day, I am dedicated solely to you on your wedding day. I can be involved as much or as little as you like; before, during and after.


Do you do a rehearsal?

I am more than happy to attend a rehearsal.


Are there any additional costs? 

The agreed fee is inclusive of everything, except travel expenses as set out above. 

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